• Pitch 5 Silicon Valley Investors

    during your next lunch break

    Fundrasing Made Easier!

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  • Startup-Investor Pitch Lunch from Mission2Mars Academy


    At Mission2Mars Academy, we understand the challenges of navigating the startup ecosystem.


    We aim to democratize access to funding and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

    No matter where you're from, the stage of your startup, our Startup-Investor Pitch Lunch is your chance to get in front of reputable Silicon Valley investors!


    Join our next Startup-Investor Pitch Lunch to transform your startup's trajectory.





    What's Included?



    Pitch Preparation: You will get a personalized support and mentoring with preparing for your opportunity moment - refining your pitch and your startup pitch deck. Our experienced mentors provide you with invaluable feedback, maximizing your potential to capture your dream investor's interest.



    Targeted Investor Invitations: We handpick and invite investors tailored to our pitching startup's tech vertical, industry focus, and stage. With only five startups pitching at each Startup-Investor Pitch lunch, you will get the undivided attention of 5 or more investors in your field / company stage to impress with your vision! You will get 10 minutes to pitch your startup and 5 min to answer investors questions. You will also get participating investors contacts for follow up communication.


    Democratizing Access to Investment for Global Startups:   We aim to break down geographical barriers and provide an opportunity for all founders, including the ones from remote areas to connect with Silicon Valley investors and save time on your personal legwork of individual outreach, hustle for intros, due-diligence, cold-calling, beating the competition to get access to that one-on-one zoom meeting, while spending your valuable time and the burn rate of your startup on this hit and miss journey! Our format saves your precious time and resources, offering a streamlined opportunity to pitch top reputable and relevant investors at once.


    Specific time will be confirmed based on pitching startups timezones

    (Morning, or Evening Pacific Time)


    Hurry up to secure your spot!

    Only 5 pitching startups per event, selected on first come -first serve basis!

    Book your ticket below!


    Don't miss out on your chance to transform your startup's trajectory. Reserve your spot now and prepare to bring your Startup venture to the new heights!





    Email us at : join@mission2mars.academy with a subject line

    "Startup-Investor Pitch Lunch"




    If you only want to attend without pitching you can buy viewer ticket below.




    ON JUlY 8/2024 - LIVE ONLINE


    Pitching Startup

    Pitching Startup

    - Review and feedback on your pitch deck
    - One-on-one call to help you prep and rehearse your pitch and refine your deck
    - Your spot on the virtual stage to pitch 5 Silicon Valley investors in your category
    (10 min pitch + 5 min Q&A). Full event is 1.5 hours with 5 startups pitching a board of 5 investors.
    - Investors contacts for follow up communication
    - Video recording of your pitch
    - Our follow up feedback on your pitch
    Coming soon
    Viewer / Virtual Attendee

    Viewer / Virtual Attendee

    You will have a chance to attend and watch the exciting 1.5 virtual pitch event.
    Does not include any speaking opportunity. A Great opportunity for those looking to learn!
    Coming soon
  • Pitch 5 Silicon Valley Investors

    during your next lunch break


  • Questions?

    Can also email us: join@mission2mars.academy

    (Subject : "Startup-Investor Pitch Lunch")

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