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    Mission2Mars Academy is a community of experts and innovators ready to accelerate your company's growth and innovation:


    We are:


    Innovation and Technology Experts

    Disruptive Startups and Entrepreneurs

    Academics and Researchers

    Though Leaders in business and technology

    Top industry specialists


    Mission2Mars’ experts and mentors specialize on all areas of innovation,

    technological verticals, and local and global markets.

    Innovation Services for Startups

    and Entrepreneurs on demand:

    • Startup Pitch Events and Demo Days
    • Mentors and Advisors for Startups (In-Person and Online)
    • Investor Relations and Consulting
    • Silicon Valley Tours to Meet Local Startups
    • Innovation Workshops 
    • Expert Panel Discussions  
    • Networking with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
    • Thought Leadership Events and Speaker Nights

    Innovation Services

    for Corporations and Governments on demand:

    • Executive Education Programs
    • Expert panels and Executive Briefings
    • Corporate Acceleration Services
    • Innovation Strategy Consulting
    • Mentoring & Advising (Online and In Person)
    • Business Partnerships with Silicon Valley companies
    • Technology Scouting and Tech Tours in Silicon Valley
    • Market Research and Tech Trends Reports 
    • Online Mentoring Sessions with Silicon Valley Experts

    Meet Mission2Mars.Academy Innovation Experts:

    Tatiana Indina, PhD, CEO, Trainer & Innovation Consultant, Founder, Mission2Mars.Academy

    Rick Rasmussen - Corporate Innovation Expert, Innovation Strategist, Industry Fellow, Berkeley University

    Michelle Messina - Innovation Culture Expert, Innovative Ecosystems Catalyst,

    Author, Decoding Silicon Valley

    Andrew Goldger - Founder, GrowthX Accelerator, Corporate Venture Capital Expert, Startup Mentor & Advisor

    Mukul Aragwal - Innovation Strategy & Culture Expert, CEO & Founder of Bootup Ventures, Startup Mentor & Advisor

    Maxim Nogotkov - Corporate Innovation Expert and Startup Mentor

    Startup Mentor and Investor, Founder of Hack Temple Accelerator

    Grant Kendall-Bell

    Space Tech Expert, Venture University Investor

    Mark Coopersmith - Global Expert in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, speaker, author, Fortune 500 global executive and Silicon Valley, Professor at UC Berkeley.

    Robert Winter, Angel Investor, VC, Expert in Corporate Investment, Startup Mentor, Advisor.

    Bill Reichert - Innovative Business Modeling Expert, Corporate Innovation Strategist, Managing Partner, Garage Ventures

    Jonathan Baer - Corporate Innovation Expert & Mentor, Partner StoneHearth Ventures, Instructor Haas School, Co-Author Decoding Silicon Valley.

    Sean Sheppard - founder, GrowthX Accelerator, Top 20 Sales Influencer, Startup Growth Expert and Mentor

    Shahid Chisty - Corporate Innovation Expert, International Strategic, Investment & Board Advisor, CIO, Family Office, Startup Mentor

    Alexandra Levich - expert in Marketing and Product Development

    Adeo Ressi - Founder, Founders Institute, Startup Mentor and Advisor

    Celia House - Angel Investor, Startup Mentor & Advisor

    Alina Adams - Founder of Founder Artveoli IOT company, Silicon Valley based expert in Product Development, Customer Discovery and Growth Strategy.

    Stan Lewandowski, Partner K&L Gates,  Startup and Corporate Finance Lawyer and Legal Advisor.

    Jeff Wallace - International Startup Mentor and Advisor, Speaker, Founder of Silicon Valley in Your Pocket and Global Kinetics Accelerator

    Avi Loeb - Professor of Astrophysics, Harvard University, Head of Science, Breakthrough Initiative for Interstellar Studies

    Ilana Golan - Startup Mentor & Advisor, Founder & Investor at Golan Ventures, Serial Entrepreneur,

    F-16 flight simulator instructor.

    Hayley Nelson - Product Development, Marketing & Branding Expert, Marketing Executive at Airbnb,
    The Agile & Innovative Mindset Expert

    Vitaly Golomb - Corporate Investment Expert, Startup Mentor

    Gary Fowler - Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Avi. ai.

    Michael Walsh - Angel Investor, Startup Mentor & Advisor

    Jayne Chisty - Expert in Innovative Ecosystems, Entrepreneurship and Women Leadership, VP of Global Partnerships at Bootup Ventures.

    + 500 more experts, mentors and Silicon Valley innovators

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